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1950's model Maytag washing machine
Washing Machines
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End time: 02-Mar-15 02:04:34 PDT

Vintage Maytag Washing Machine~Electric~Round Porcelain Tub~Antique Appliances
Washing Machines
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End time: 04-Mar-15 10:44:21 PDT

Washing Machines
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End time: 03-Mar-15 12:37:18 PDT

Antique Maytag Electric Washing Machine Model # E2LS
Washing Machines
End time: 09-Mar-15 12:51:18 PDT

Binder Full of Maytag Advertising
Washing Machines
Old Maytag Advertising
$19.50 Buy It Now: $150.00
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End time: 03-Mar-15 12:55:59 PDT

Antique primitive Maid Rite Standard Brass No. 2062 Columbus Washboard Co rustic
Washing Machines
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End time: 04-Mar-15 10:12:41 PDT

Vintage 40s/50s KENMORE WRINGER WASHING MACHINE Pink lady washer
Washing Machines
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End time: 21-Mar-15 13:52:47 PDT

Kenmore Vintage Washer Washing Machine Portable Deluxe Instruction Book Included
Washing Machines
$22.99 Buy It Now: $39.99
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End time: 04-Mar-15 19:01:27 PDT

Maytag Vintage Wringer Washing Machine--JUST REDUCED!
Washing Machines
$125.00 Buy It Now: $175.00
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End time: 04-Mar-15 23:37:24 PDT

Vintage RARE Washing Machine Table Top Camping Washing Machine Canfield NuWay
Washing Machines
End time: 26-Mar-15 11:13:13 PDT

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Antique Washing Machine - News

Family farm the focus at Time and the Valleys
planting and harvesting crops, caring for and milking cows, butter churning and food preservation; and experience a recreated “farmhouse kitchen” with coal stove, International Harvester Refrigerator and old fashioned wringer washing machine.

E-Mail 'Before the store' To A Friend
E-Mail 'Before the store' To A Friend E-Mail 'Before the store' To A FriendShe taught small groups of children about pumping water and washing clothes with primitive machines. She first taught them how to use a water pump and then showed them exactly how long it would take to wash clothes using an antique machine complete

Sunshine Coast Heritage Showcase Day MAY 20th
things Heritage.from 'how much is that worth' with Antique valuation from Bill Hinds, to a Heritage fashion parade, complete with clothes washing day demonstration from Kenilworth Museum, and a display of old sewing machines from Noosa Museum.

Polly is keeping hand-dyeing traditions of Five Valleys alive
Polly's tools of the trade consist of a sewing machine, overlocker, button holer, an endless supply of vintage natural materials, large buckets, stirring sticks, lots of washing lines and a pair of strong arms – once hers, now Joe's.

Four Seasons - Early Spring
Here's what I was told, in relation to my antique washing machine a number of years ago: “We've been bending over backwards to get you that part …” I'm pretty sure that “they” hadn't actually been bending over backwards - forwards more like - to